C.I.T.I. S.R.L. is a company founded in 1974 and successfully operating in the international market for the wide range of specialized fields: energy, petrochemical, chemical, paper, shipbuilding and mechanical.

Over the years, C.I.T.I. S.R.L. has expanded its target businnes by establishing itself thanks to significant investments aimed at expanding its industrial complex and production and technological improvement of own machinery.


C.I.T.I. S.R.L. takes care of the production and manufacturing of large-sized products, boasting a fleet of machines with high processing capacities.


We have a bending roll machine brand Vöest Alpine with table length 4.000 mm, cold rolling capacity up to thickness 200 mm and with pressing capacity up to 4.000 Tons.
Further brands of bending roll machines available: Froriep, Boldrini, Fomp.


Hot rolling carried out with the use of an furnace for heat treatments with the possibility of recording the treatment (furnace dimensions 4.500 x 14.000 x 4.000 mm), preheating up to 1.000 degrees and a maximum capacity of 40 Tons.


Available 6 submerged machines for automatic welding, with a maximum height of 7 meters and a length of 6 meters, with the possibility of tandem welding.
Brands: Esab, Bode and Vöest Alpine.


We carry out grinding operations with a Farros Blatter grinder machine with a 650 mm diameter disc.


Test carried out with internal personnel qualified in RT – UT – PT – MT – VT methods according to SNT-TC-1A UNI EN ISO 9712 LIV. II.


We are specialized in the milling and turning of plates and courses.
Machines used: Schiess Pensotti and Stanko Import bevelling machines for bevels, with maximum length stroke 14.300 mm.
2 Vertical lathes with CNC tool holders, Sant’Eustacchio lathe machine with maximum turning dimensions 6.000 mm, height 4.000 mm, Roman lathe machine with maximum turning dimensions 8.000 mm and height 4.300 mm


We are specialized in the assembly of big cylindrical drums, boasting large internal and external spaces and 12 bridge cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 100 Tons.


We organize exceptional transport services on behalf of third parties.