In 2012 C.I.T.I. S.R.L. inaugurates a new industrial plant in the port area of Marghera (Venice) in Via Ramo dell’Azoto, for a total area of 20.728 square meters, equipped for the assembly and lifting of large structures, such as boilers and pressurized tanks.

The shed has a covered area of 6.700 square meters and consist of two industrial bays, with metallic structure in composed carpentry, with dimensions 100 x 33,5 x 33,5 meters, the runways have a height of 23,3 meters, the crane hook has a lifting capacity of 200/300 Tons., with a height of 23 meters and gauge of 30,3 meters.
The shed was created to allow the construction and assembly of large bodies and is currently rented to a company.